Project Description

Update your electrical panel and fix other issues

Your electric panel serves as the gateway for electricity to enter your home. This gateway can become old and need repair just as a fence over time sags and needs replacement. The electrical panel contains circuit breakers that with time begin to fail. A circuit breaker failure can be much more dangerous than a saggy fence. Failing breakers mean arcing and arcing can mean fire. We’ll share with you here the reasons we suggest you consider replacing your electrical panel. In addition, older residential homes are still using obsolete electrical panels that may not have even been designed to support your modern electrical needs. If your old home has a 100 or 125 amp electrical pane we invite you to take advantage of the SMUD electric panel rebates to update your service and consider going all electric.

Call us if your electrical panel looks like either of these, or you experience flickering lights or tripping breakers.